20+ Stunning Holographic Nail Design Ideas That Will Make You Go Wild

Holographic nails are the latest trend! They are creative, outstanding and they send a strong message about their owner: that she has a very strong, colourful and artistic personality! You can get holographic nails through using holographic nail powder, the usual nail polish with your favorite strong color and a holographic foil that needs to be carefully applied! Although it might sound complicated at first, it’s definitely not and they can be done at home or in a professional salon if you do not feel comfortable with trying this all by yourself.

Don’t be shy, everyone loves holographic nails right now and everyone should try this at least once! You just have to find the right type of holographic nails, which can suit your personality and style. Here are some types of holographic nails we have picked for you and which we find really inspiring. They are simply irresistible:

1) Mermaid Vibes


The colors of these nails are dreamy and creative. Sea green and blue are the perfect combination to fill in that gap you have in your heart for not being near the ocean right now. They are good for holiday moods and they will simply bring positive vibes which will make you radiant just by taking a short look at your nails now and then. Because yes, nails can make your day better!

2) Cool Pinky Feels


If you want to opt for delicate, elegant, yet outspoking nail design, you should try these cute pink nails. They are not the usual pink nails: they are soft, they speak for themselves and they also bring elegance and style to the person who has them.

3) Star like Blue


These are for the unconventional idealist in you! If you find yourself often staring at the stars and wishing you knew what it feels like to explore the space, then these nails are for you! This holographic nails style is expressive, poetic and it leaves the feeling of being from outer space when someone looks at them! They are the thing to experience, be it whether you are a Star Trek fan or just a girl who listen to soft rock now and then.

4) Passionate Red


Red never goes out of fashion. It is a color with personality and this is an even stronger personality when we talk about glittery red holographic nails! If you want to bring dynamism, motivation and passion into your life, then you should try out this type of nails and confidently expose them around when you go about your usual day. Just taking a glimpse at your nails here and now will energize you.

5) Artistic Vibe


This one is for the artist in you! This nail design is complicated and obtained through hard work and attention to detail. You might have to wait some time impatiently asking yourself what the result will be while getting these nails are getting done, but the end result will totally amaze you! The precious details, the combination of glitter and shades of pink are absolutely tremendous combined together.

6) Simple Pink Hue


This is a simple and nice nail design. It won’t blow your mind off, but it is the type of nail design that softly speaks volumes of the person who has it. It can be for everyday wear or situations in which you want to just have a cute nail color on and not attract too much attention. It is for days when you just want to relax and keep it simple and beautiful at the same time.

7) Cherry Feeling


This is an adorable combination of cherry red and white! This type of red color is highly refined and it is a perfect nail design for evening events. A sexy black dress is the perfect match for these nails and you will feel like an empowered catwoman in this combination! You can also wear during daytime, but these nails have a powerful effect in the evening.

8) Glittery Gold


If you love the golden color, then these nails are for you. They might not always match your outfit, but they will certainly from other women’s average nail polish. This nail design is very cheerful and vibrant.

9) Turquoise Fairytale


This turquoise nail design and its nicely crafted shades of green perfectly suit you if you seek to have a magnetic effects on those around you. The glitter they is simply electric!

10) Queen Blue


This type of blue ombre holographic nails is very attractive. It is solemn, yet very feminine through this darker shade of blue. It definitely is for evening wear and you will feel special.

11) Cosmic Nails


This holographic nail design makes you feel closer to space! It is super shiny, creative and, besides feeling like something very chic on your nails, it might literally light your way in the dark! This nail design is for girls who are not afraid to shine.

12) Positive Green


This nail design will set the tone for a great day! It lifts up spirits, it is very joyous and it reveals strong optimism. This is a nail design for the spring and summer seasons, but also for fall/winter days when you want the freshness of spring.

13) Striking Red


This nail design will strike you as poignant and powerful. The luminous colour gel magnifies its impact and you will simply feel like a star if you choose this design.

14) Waxing Pink and White


Another holographic art nail example! The waxing effect of matte pink and white is just amazing! It is for days when you feel delicate, complex and a bit complicated, but cool.

15) Fun Polka Dots


This is for when you want to spice it up a bit! This nail design is for the outgoing, fun, not-afraid-to-try-something-new girl in you!

16) Crystal White


Plain white can be boring, but crystal clear with a touch of gliterry white actually makes the nails look very elegant and this is a nail design for when you want to feel beautiful and adored; it perfectly matches evening outfits and it makes you shine in the crowd.

17) Exquisite Art


This nail design combines the colour of fine gol, roses, Asian motives and it is pretty complicated to obtain! However, once it is done, you won’t stop staring in awe at them! This artistic design is for when you want to make a statement about feeling good and appreciative of life’s complexity. It might not be an everyday nail design, but it totally works its charm for special events.

18) Disco Nude Hue


This disco nude hue is perfect for your clubbing night out. Make sure that you try this at least once when you go out to party and dance and you will see that it will give you an amazing feeling of being a great dancer.

19) Sparkling Silver


This nail design gives the “queen of ice” feeling! These nails will just make you think of a snowy scenario, because this sparkling silver looks like snowflakes on your nails. It would certainly match the winter season very well.

20) Simple, Clean and Sassy


This is not a complicated nail design, but it totally impresses through its simplicity and style. The beige-blue color combination and the fine detail make it perfect for daily work outfits.

21) Beautiful Soft Roses


This is a remarkable nail design through the soft roses it features. The delicate drawing of the rose completes the French manicure of pink and white. It is a great match for a wedding ceremony, especially for someone who is bridesmaid. Otherwise, it also goes well with daily outfits.

22) Jazz Vibration


This one is a nail design to try for days full of energy, in which you want to do new things and feel an impulse to be creative and start a new project! It increases chances of being optimistic and enjoying what you do and how you feel. This is for the woman who feels good in her own skin!

23) Strong Vanilla


Strong ombre vanilla colour nails for fine girls/women! This is the perfect manicure for wedding days, especially if your are the bride. It is simple, but also sophisticated in its own way and you will feel like a very special woman. It is innocent, cute, but it also gives the feeling that the woman who has it knows what she wants (glitter and spark) while being beautifully feminine.

In the end, these holographic nail designs are just a selection of the great beauty which can be produced if someone pays attention to details and has an artistic eye. Do not feel compelled to reproduce them exactly, but take them as mere inspiration! Of course, they look great and they are made to bring new ideas to women with a passion for expressing themselves. Use these models and enjoy your daily life or the most important events in your life through this beautiful nail design!